• Product Name: Movable terminal for automatic equipment 

Model: KB_802B DSEK

Size: 105 * 120*32MM

◆ 12 keys, high quality stainless steel material

◆ keyboard stainless steel surface after special treatment, can prevent keys from peeling paint, anti-sweat, anti-stain, anti-corrosion

◆ dustproof, waterproof, anti-riot, anti-drilling

◆ etched keycaps graphic, paint by special process

◆ keycap graphic can be customized

◆ keyboard keys can be defined according to customer requirements

◆ Key life: more than 200 million times

◆ Key travel: 0.45mm

◆ Key strength: 3N

◆ Operating temperature: -40 ℃ -65 ℃

◆ can provide PS2 or USB or RS232 interface



◆ Self-Service Equipment

● self-service terminals

● kiosk terminal

● Telecom hit single

● transfer machine

◆ automated surveillance, security equipment, industrial PC CNC platform, medical testing equipment

Software Support

◆ provide professional support Support Software

◆ accepted custom application development

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